Materials Data Repository

Materials Data Repository

A data repository that hosts materials research data and publications. Discover various data and publications using metadata tailored for materials.


Publishing research achievements has been done through papers and conference presentations, but recently it has become commonplace to publish data to support the papers or just data by themselves. This allows for wider use of research achievements.

The Materials Data Repository (MDR) is a repository to collect and host not only papers and presentations, but also materials data, providing them for use in further materials research and materials informatics. Users can discover publications and datasets using metadata tailored for materials or by a full-text search, and can view and download them.

How to use

Use of MDR

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MDR metadata list

MDR uses "MDR Schema", a metadata schema to organize research data in MDR. The metadata schema is applied to both publications and datasets. For more information, please see the MDR Schema Website on GitHub.

Version history


* We are deprecating/changing some metadata fields to prepare for further development of MDR.



Scheduled system maintenance

Service may be unavailable every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 (JST) due to scheduled system maintenance.