About DICE

We offer DICE, a data platform to promote materials science research and accelerate materials development.

DICE is an unprecedented system that handles materials data from their points of entry (data collection) to their points of exit (data service). We implemented high-throughput/high-quality data collection/registration systems to serve as the points of entry for data from various sources, such as experimental instruments, literature, and repositories. These data are stored and interconnected by comprehending the data structurally and hierarchically using informatic techniques such as RDF and Linked Data, adding values to the stored data. For points of exit, we will not only be offering various data visualization and analysis software but system services as well, which can assist in solving materials development problems by materials informatics.

DICE_KeyFunctionalities.pngKey functionalities of the materials data platform, DICE.

On this advanced data platform, we will collect various data, convert them, assign metadata, and enhance their values by making them machine-readable. We will drive forward research on data science and information analytic techniques. As a national center for materials information and data, we will be continuously offering quality data and services that should be of great interest to not only users associated with us but to the general public.

Materials research with FAIR data-driven science [Published in April 2021]


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DICE common message format schema

A common metadata schema for distribution, exchange, and storage of research data among DICE systems.
With the discontinuation of the system that used this schema, this schema was also discontinued as of December 2022.