DICE is a data platform for all experts offering quality data and applications for materials science

"As a researcher, it is tedious to provide a universal, machine-comprehensible metadata to allow my data to be used in serendipitous ways."

"As a materials scientist, there is a particular material I am looking for, but I don't know how to design a model for AI-assisted research."

"As a data scientist, I am looking for materials data that I can use for my data-driven operations."

DICE provides three things: high-quality data, applications, and knowledge -- bridging between the domain experts to aid rapid advancement in materials science.





MatNavi includes material databases for polymers, inorganics, metals, diffusion, superconductivity, etc. If you register, you can search and browse various databases for free.


"AtomWork-Adv" is a database that contains data on crystal structure, X-ray diffraction, properties, and state diagrams of inorganic materials extracted from scientific literature.
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A data repository that hosts materials research data and publications. Discover various data and publications using metadata tailored for materials.


RDE is a system to improve and support research throughput by automating workflows such as data collection, graphing, and mathematical and statistical analysis, which are performed in laboratories.


M-DaC is a set of software tools that extract meta-information such as measurement conditions and specimen information from raw data generated by measurement instruments and it converts them into highly machine-readable XML files.

Common namespace for DICE

DICE Common Namespace provides a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) for machine-readable provision of DICE services. The URI assigns unique identification to words used in each area of materials research and links various types of information within and outside the expertise. >> Learn More

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