2023.08.30 Others Termination of Temporary Measures (Identity Verification with passport) for MatNavi Usage MatNavi-all

[February 7, 2024 Updated]
Thank you for using DICE and MatNavi service.

In principle, MatNavi provides services to individuals belonging to organizations, and we utilize the user identification based on the domain of e-mail address.
As a temporary measure, MatNavi service has been available to those who identify themselves with passport, but we are going to finished this temporary solution from the following dates.

  • End of application for MatNavi service with passport-based DICE account: January 31, 2024 [Application has been closed]
  • End of service for MatNavi user with passport-based DICE account: March 29, 2024
  • Deletion of information on users with passport-based DICE accounts: March 29, 2024

If you wish to use MatNavi service, please switch to the identification based on e-mail address domain.
Following procedures (1) and (2) below are required to do so.

(1) Please get a DICE account with email domain name identification. The domain name must be the one you are using with email in your organization. (for every users.)
(2) Please do the registration of the domain name of your email address with us. (The application must be submitted by domain administrator of your email address.)

* If you have registered a DICE account using an e-mail address that you are handling in your organization, you can skip (1). Please complete the procedure (2) without canceling your account. When (2) is completed, the transition of your personal identification will be completed automatically.
*It may take some time to do this registration, so please do as soon as possible.
 - List of Domain Registered Organizations: https://dice.nims.go.jp/domain_apply_list.html
 - Application for Domain Name Registration of E-mail address: https://dice.nims.go.jp/domain_apply.html

Your DICE account will be deleted if you don't switch your account by the date mentioned above. Please keep in mind.

Due to the increasing number of exhaustive data extractions (web scraping, etc.) from free email addresses of unknown affiliation even though we prohibit, we have no choice but to modify user registration procedures. In order to protect our data assets, we must unavoidably adopt the new method.
We would like any user to act immediately, then again it will be possible to link with DICE as well as with other DICE services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.