Application for Domain Name Registration of E-mail address

List of Domain Registered Organizations

See the list [Link]

Introduction of DICE Account and Applying for User Registration

Materials data platform (DICE) introduced DICE account (common ID) from Jan 17, 2023 to make each service work together.
To use MatNavi service, "DICE account user registration" and "MatNavi usage application" are required.
- Registration and Application Manual

  • DICE account user registration
  •   ・Users are, in principle, individuals who are belonging to an organization.
      ・Register a user for a DICE account with an e-mail address provided by your organization.

  • MatNavi usage application
  •   ・You can continue to apply for MatNavi usage if the domain name of your e-mail address is registered in our management list.
    ※ In oder to register the domain name, we need an application form from administrator(s) of the domain name.
    ・How to apply (details)
    ・The List of Domain Registered Organizations
      ・In case you can not do the domain name registration, by verifying yourself using eKYC you may temporarily be able to apply for MatNavi usage.

How to Apply for Domain Name Registration of E-mail address

■ Who can apply;
Domain Administrator(s) of the organization e-mail address.

■ How to apply;
Send us (dice_help=nims.go.jp([=]→ [@])) an e-mail with the following contents.

Subject: Application for Domain Name Registration of E-mail address. "XX University (name of organization)."

 1. Full name of applicant's organization.
 2. Name of the applicant (Domain Administrator's name).
 3. Name of the department (division) to which the applicant (Domain Admin) belongs.
 4. Name of the job title of the applicant (Domain Admin).
 5. E-mail address of the applicant (Domain Admin) (or a representative's address is acceptable).
 6. Domain Name(s) of e-mail address of the applicant (multiple domains names are acceptable, but not subdomains) (e.g. example.com).
 7. Presence Confirmation: Corporate ID number (in Japan only), HP-URL, Brochure (file size up to 5MB) [at least one of these].
 8. List your organization in the "List of Domain Registered Organizations"?: Yes or No

■ Supplementary:
・We check briefly the contents, and if there are no problems, your registration will be approved.
・It may take some time to complete the registration after receiving the application.
・Once a domain name registration is done and approved, no further application is required.
・User with an e-mail address of the approved domain name can use MatNavi.