2023.01.17 News DICE's data collection and storage functions have been enhanced.

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) has moved the system infrastructure of the materials data platform "DICE" to the public cloud and added a system RDE that automatically structures and stores research data, thereby which has greatly enhanced the system's ability to collect and accumulate data from users nationwide. In addition, NIMS Materials Database "MatNavi" was improved to enhance user convenience greatly.

New service: RDE (data storage and sharing service)

The DICE has been publishing and operating the NIMS Materials Database (MatNavi) and the Materials Data Repository (MDR), and now a new data storage and sharing service (RDE) has been added. (https://dice.nims.go.jp/services/RDE/)
‚óŹ What RDE can do
- Quick online registration of research data generated daily in laboratories.
- Registered data is automatically structured and stored in a reusable format.
- Accumulated data can be used in the research group's dedicated area or shared with other research groups. Furthermore, the data can be shared over a wide area.

MatNavi is now easier to use.

(1) Polymer Database (PoLyInfo) and Metallic Material Database (Kinzoku): The databases have been restructured to facilitate data management and linkage between data, and search and display screens have been improved.
(2) NIMS Structural Materials Data Sheet Online: A new drawing method has been adopted, and the files can be viewed using any browser.
(3) Inorganic Materials Database (AtomWork): The interface has been improved to be easier to view and use.
(4) Metal Segregation Prediction System (SurfSeg) and Interface Bonding Prediction System (InterChemBond): Algorithms have been added.

Centralized user authentication

A new authentication system has been introduced for the purpose of linking all DICE services. By using the DICE account (common ID) granted by this system, user authentication will be centralized. Users will be able to access each DICE service with a single sign-on as long as they meet the terms of use of each service.

NIMS is promoting the strategic collection, accumulation, distribution, and utilization of high-quality materials data from industry and academia as a "Data Core Center" under the "Materials DX Platform Initiative" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We will continue to develop and expand DICE's services and strongly support data-driven materials research to be developed on a nationwide scale.

Materials Data Platform Center, Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS)
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