2020.11.26 News Termination of some MatNavi service operations MatNavi

Some MatNavi services will be terminated or migrated to other services on December 1, 2020.
Thank you for using this information for a long time.

We are terminating services using Java applets

Due to safety concerns, we will stop offering services using Java applets, whose operability and security are difficult to guarantee. However, you can still view datasheets that do not use Java applets. These include:

  • Creep Data Sheet (CDS) in the fact database
  • Fatigue Data Sheet (FDS) in the fact database
  • CCT diagram display function using Java applets in the CCT Diagram Database (CCTD)

Termination of some service operations

The following databases have achieved their original purpose and will be discontinued.

  • Neutran Transmutation Database (NeuTran)
  • Interfacial Thermal Conductance Database (ITC)
  • Metallic material microstructure database (Kinso)
  • Weld Thermal History Simulator

Migration of some databases

The following databases have been moved to the Materials Data Repository (MDR)* to further improve their availability and make it easier to link with other related data.

  • Database of Promising Adsorbents for Decontamination of Radioactive Substances (READS)
  • FGMs Database (FGMs)

* Materials Data Repository (MDR) : Open Data for Open Science https://mdr.nims.go.jp