2020.06.15 News NIMS releases DICE, a materials data platform
- Providing solutions to materials development problems using materials informatics -


Materials Data Platform Center, Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS), The National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) launches the web site of the Materials Data Platform DICE on June 15th, 2020, which contributes to the promotion of the data-driven research in the materials science field. https://dice.nims.go.jp/

DICE is an unprecedented system that handles materials data from the point of entry (data collection) to the point of exit (data service). At the point of entry, we implemented a high-throughput and high-quality collection/registration system from multiple information sources such as experimental and measurement equipment, literature, and repositories. The system also adds to the value of the stored data by hierarchical and structural interpretation of data in RDF* format and connecting data by informatic methods such as Linked Data**. At the point of exit, DICE provides not only data visualization systems and various analysis software but also systems-scientific services that can offer a clue for solving materials development problems, such as materials informatics.

DICE will incorporate "NIMS Materials Database (MatNavi)" and "NIMS Materials Data Conversion Tools (M-DaC)", which are already in service, and "Materials Data Repository (MDR)", which is released today. A variety of services will be provided on DICE in the coming days, including the dissemination of related information and further expansion of data.

* Resource Description Framework: A framework for describing the relationships between elements.
** Linked Data: A methodology for publishing machine-readable data by linking structured data.

Reference information

Research Data Policy, National Institute for Materials Science (Japanese version only)

Contact information

Data Service Team, Materials Data Platform Center (Please contact us by completing the on-line form on DICE)