Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a charge for using each service?
    It is available free of charge except for some services.
  • How can I use the service?
    Please select the service you want from the data service tab and check the usage method and terms of use. Some services require user registration to use.
  • Where can I login from?
    Please use the login button shown for each service.
  • I cannot log in to the servise.
    In DICE, some services log in with a common account, others log in with a service-specific account. Please check if the service you use and the login account match.

NIMS Materials Database (MatNavi)

  • How can I modify my E-mail address?
    Please register new E-mail address after closing old account, because it can't update your E-mail address.
  • Can I download all data or get by using API?
    We do not provide data download function or API function.